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Bathroom renovation Brisbane is probably the best service that you can ask for if you are looking to sell or modernize your home. We at Cido Property Services can help you turn your dream bathroom into reality as we have done with many of our clients over more than 23 years across the Brisbane region.

We acknowledge the fact that your bathroom is a place of recuperation and amongst all the places at your home, it should be at the top of your list when it comes to keeping it inviting and pleasant. It is, for this reason, that bathroom renovation services Brisbane are in such high demand.

Whether you are looking to install a new set of lighting, repair your sink or faucet, or installing a new shower we guarantee that we will provide the best bathroom renovation Brisbane. This is because we understand how much of a headache a dysfunctional bathroom can be. We have proudly and successfully renovated both residential and commercial bathrooms throughout the entire Brisbane region.

Get in touch with bathroom renovations Brisbane expert today and feel the difference of having a fully renovated bathroom at your home that will surely complete your feeling of being at home. If you want more bathroom renovation ideas then click here >> 

Bathroom Renovation Packages Brisbane

PACKAGE NAMECompletely FreshA Little ExtraYour LifestyleHome CareAdd More ValueDouble Your Value
Reuse Plumbing Locations
Relocate Plumbing
Add Plumbing
PRICE FROM$22,000*$25,500*$31,000*$22,000*$30,000*$40,000*
View PackagesView PackagesView PackagesView PackagesView PackagesView Packages
  • Prices include GST and are a guide only.
  • ^ Based on shower size of 900mm x 900mm with two walls.
  • * Based on a bathroom size of 5m2 floor area and 20m2 Walls. Single Vanity and 1m2 Shower and Bath.


A modern bathroom will not only improve your standard of living but it also drastically increases the value of your home. Needless to say, it also increases its functionality manifolds.

There are many modern products out there today like showers, faucets, sinks, and toilets and with these, you can go for a bathroom renovation Brisbane which will not only improve your plumbing but will also decrease the water bill.

And if you are wondering where can you go for a bathroom renovation Brisbane then we say – why not try us? After all, we have been doing this for a long time now and are familiar with all kinds of renovations whether it is a big bathroom renovation or small bathroom renovations Brisbane.


 Bathroom Tiling

Your bathroom is a place that has to deal with a lot of moisture due to hot showers and constant use of water. This is why it is a good idea to install tiles not only on your bathroom floors but on the walls as well.

Glass, ceramic, and stone are some of the most common materials that are used for bathroom renovations and clients have always requested us to use them for tiling their bathrooms. And don’t worry we will make sure that you get the right tiling for your bathroom walls and floors. 

Bathroom Vanity Installation

For bathroom renovations Brisbane there are plenty of options available to install bathroom vanity that will go with a sense of aesthetics. Whether you like the durability of robust engineered stones, the elegant look of marbles, or the appearance of ceramic, Cido Property Services will help to decide on a vanity that will fit your choice of design and also your budget.

Our experts will work with you closely to remove the old vanity, dislodge the old plumbing and dispose of it. Then we will assist you in choosing the right and new vanity for your bathroom after which our workers will take over the rest.

If you think whether they will be able to deliver then we can assure you that we have served countless people over 2 decades and our bathroom renovation Brisbane service is one of the best in the area.

So, call us today and get affordable bathroom renovation Brisbane right at your doorstep!!

Bathroom Fans Installation

Bathrooms are one of the main producers of mold in your home due to the use of water and installing a bathroom fan is one of the best ways of preventing it.

If you decide to leave the moisture unchecked for a long time it can also peel away the paint that has in your bathroom and it for reasons like these that our bathroom renovations Brisbane experts recommend that you also install a bathroom fan while renovating it. 

Sinks and Faucets Installation

There is a sink style for every taste and style and we can help you to choose the right sinks and faucets when you decide to go for a bathroom renovation Brisbane.

Other than being fully functional your faucet also needs to fit the design and aesthetics of your bathroom. We will help you in this process as mentioned above and will also make sure that it suits the style of your bathroom seamlessly.

We will do this by assisting you to choose a faucet that will not only complement your bathroom but will be water-efficient as well. 

Energy-Efficient Bathroom

Other than improving the plumbing and water consumption of your bathroom our bathroom renovations Brisbane also makes sure that your bathroom is energy efficient as well. That’s why whenever you decide to go for new lighting in your bathroom give us a call and avail of our services.


Some say that when there are several professional bathroom renovation experts out there who excel in being bathroom renovation builders in Brisbane, why would someone choose Cido Property Services out of all? Well, we may be working just as the rest who excel in bathroom renovation Brisbane; there are few things that set us apart from the rest in competition.

  1. We believe in communicating well and that too for every minor changes and issue related to the bathroom renovation in Brisbane.
  2. Our quotes are clear of any hidden costs and help with average bathroom renovation cost Brisbane while making you decide on the budget that you set aside for your bathroom renovation.
  3. We meet deadlines like no other as we know how important a bathroom is to a household
  4. Your existing fittings and the setup of the house isn’t harmed in any manner when we make changes to your bathroom.
  5. We clean up the site each day of our work so that you do not have to put in the effort of cleaning it after us.
  6. We have a soft corner for detailing and good quality, and that is why we ensure our work is perfect while putting to use the best quality accessories for the renovation
  7. We respect the budget that you hold and ensure that all the tasks are completed within the set frame.
  8. We help you with fitting, fixtures, sanitary ware, tiles, furniture, paint and any other requirement that is sourced from the best stores at reasonable prices.
  9. We offer great after-sales support where we come over to help you fix or repair the bathroom whenever required.


Although the cost of bathroom renovations Brisbane depends on the use of accessories we at Cido Property Services believe in providing all our customers with cheap bathroom renovation Brisbane services.

So what are you waiting for call us today and we will ensure that you get the best budget bathroom renovation Brisbane services!!

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