Looking for bathroom renovation Brisbane? Cido Property Services provides professional & best bathroom renovation services in Brisbane at an affordable cost. Bathroom renovations are something that is often ignored until there comes a time when there is no other option other than giving it a new look. It is said that bathrooms tend to be complex when it comes to renovating it. There are pipes, water outlets, bathing area, toilet, the need for cabinet and finally the need to find solace as it is the place that prepares you for the upcoming day. Thus, bathroom renovation Brisbane becomes necessary.

bathroom renovation brisbane



Knowing the process of a bathroom renovation is very important as it prepares you and let you know what to expect when you hire Cido Property Services for bathroom renovation services in Brisbane. At Cido properties, we believe that there is nothing higher than customer satisfaction, and that is what we will follow until our last breath. Customers are satisfied when we help them with a bathroom renovation that they can relate to. We may come up with multiple ideas and designs, but eventually, it is the customer who will have to decide on the one they like.  

Here is the process that we follow for all our bathroom renovation Brisbane projects which have brought us accolades all these years.

  1. We come over to your premise to inspect the bathroom that needs renovation.
  2. We help you with a basic idea on how to transform the bathroom and make it look better as well as accessible.
  3. We will sit with you on a discussion of the design where our ideas would collaborate with your choice of design.
  4. We will help you with a detailed analysis of the bathroom renovation cost estimate and the time taken to complete it.
  5. There is a complete quote for cheap bathroom renovations in Brisbane presented to you while giving you time to decide.
  6. Once finalised, we would work when you want us to (weekends or weekdays).
  7. We would help out with only branded raw material that would ensure better longevity.
  8. Once finished, you have a completely new bathroom for yourself.



There is nothing fixed as to how much is the cost of the bathroom renovation in Brisbane. It all depends on the use of accessories, furniture, sanitary ware, glass, tiles, wall paint and any other requirements that would help in renovating the bathroom. If you choose intricate designs that include a lot of purchase, the costs would be higher. If it is a simplistic looking bathroom with the bare essentials, the cost would be lesser. Also, when you purchase expensive accessories, the overall cost of bathroom renovation Brisbane would increase. Along with that, labour charges for bathroom renovation are added depending on the work that needs to be undertaken. Thus, we request you to get in touch with us via calling us on our number 0432 210 188 or by filling out our contact form to get a free bathroom renovation Brisbane quote to get the idea of bathroom renovation price.



Some say that when there are several professional bathroom renovation experts out there who excel in being bathroom renovation builders in Brisbane, why would someone choose Cido Property Services out of all? Well, we may be working just as the rest who excel in bathroom renovation Brisbane; there are few things that set us apart from the rest in competition.

  1. We believe in communicating well and that too for every minor changes and issue related to the bathroom renovation in Brisbane.               
  2. Our quotes are clear of any hidden costs and help with average bathroom renovation cost Brisbane while making you decide on the budget that you set aside for your bathroom renovation.
  3. We meet deadlines like no other as we know how important a bathroom is to a household
  4. Your existing fittings and the setup of the house isn’t harmed in any manner when we make changes to your bathroom.
  5. We clean up the site each day of our work so that you do not have to put in the effort of cleaning it after us.
  6. We have a soft corner for detailing and good quality, and that is why we ensure our work is perfect while putting to use the best quality accessories for the renovation
  7. We respect the budget that you hold and ensure that all the tasks are completed within the set frame.
  8. We help you with fitting, fixtures, sanitary ware, tiles, furniture, paint and any other requirement that is sourced from the best stores at reasonable prices.
  9. We offer great after-sales support where we come over to help you fix or repair the bathroom whenever required.



  1. So I have moved into a new house but somehow I disliked the way the bathroom was set up. It looked clumsy with flooding every now and then. So I decided to get it renovated. I came across Cido Properties that was referred by a friend and things were different after that. They had a friendly approach and ensured that my ideas and plans were listened to. They came up with a quick solution on how my bathroom can look better and accessible. There was a pocket-friendly renovation conducted and we as a family are very happy with it. Thank You for the help. –Gregory Chappell
  2. I wanted my bathroom to look different as it had become quite monotonous. I was bored with the looks of it. I had thought, getting together a mason, a carpenter and a tiles installation professional would do, but then things wouldn’t have been the way I want it to be. That is when I thought of bathroom renovation specialists. Cido Properties came up when I searched on the Internet, and things were taken further. They helped me with quotes on small bathroom renovation in Brisbane, I finalised things, and they started with the work. I do not believe that my bathroom can look so beautiful. I am forever grateful. Kyra Rockkins
  3. When talking off professional who excels in bathroom renovations, I used to think that they are expensive. As they plan everything and then execute them, I had conceptualised that it isn’t my cup of tea. I wanted to renovate my bathroom as there were too many cracks on the floors, and there were leaky pipes that couldn’t be fixed. I approached Cido Properties apprehensively thinking of the money that I will have to spend. Once they inspected my property and helped me with a quote that showed that they are capable of bathroom renovations under $5000 Brisbane, I was surprised at their pocket-friendly approach. – Martina Moss



While bathroom renovations for existing ones or at times when you move to another properly is something essential, it is also known to uplift the aesthetics and value of the house. Thus, for bathroom renovation Brisbane cost, quote or price contact us today either by calling us on our number 0432 210 188 or by filling out our contact form.